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Trip Report: Local First Conf Berlin

Links:Jamsocket (@JamsocketHQ)Paul Butler (@paulgb)Local First Conf (newsletter, @localfirstconf)

Kyle Barron on Wasm, Parquet, and managing geospatial data in the browser

We will be hosting the first Browsertech LA on May 23. We're also doing an event in SF on May 22 with our friends at Krea. Hope to see you there!Show Links:@kylebarron...

(Digest post) Cloudflare's Durable Multiplayer Moat

This is a reading of the Browsertech Digest post Cloudflare's Durable Multiplayer Moat, published April 10, 2024.For links and references related to this episode, see ...

Breck and Billy of Row Zero on canvas rendering billion-row grids

Paul was joined by Breck and Billy of Row Zero to talk HTML canvas rendering; spinning up an EC2 instance for every acitve user; and streaming data only as needed.Epis...

Ben Schmidt of Nomic talks WebGL and WebGPU for AI embedding visualization

Paul was joined by Ben Schmidt of Nomic to talk WebGL, WebGPU, and the challenges of visualizing large-scale AI embeddings in the browser.Nomic links:NomicBen Schmidt@...

Andrew and Eric of talk WebAssembly for data analysis

Paul was joined by Andrew and Eric of Prospective to talk WebAssembly, Pyodide, and streaming real-time data visualization in the browser.We are hosting an in-person B...

Luke McGartland of Sequence talks film editing in the browser

I sat down with Luke McGartland of Sequence ( to talk about pixel-streamed UI, CRDTs, and how Sequence uses WebAssembly.Sequence

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